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Recognizing Transmission Problems in Vehicles

The transmission is a crucial function of a vehicle that delivers power from the engine to the wheels. A vehicle can have an automatic transmission or a manual transmission, where a driver must complete extra steps for the vehicle to operate smoothly. If you own an automatic vehicle, repairing a defective transmission is more expensive […]

Must-Know Ford Recalls

Ford is one of the most popular automobile manufacturers in the world, known for producing reliable and durable vehicles. However, even the most well-respected brands can encounter issues with their vehicles, leading to recalls. As a responsible driver, it is crucial to stay informed about any potential recalls that may affect your Ford vehicle. Further, […]

Audi and Volkswagen Water Pump Settlement

Volkswagen Group of America agreed to a settlement to compensate consumers who bought particular models of Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. The settlement targets vehicle owners and lessees of vehicles installed with faulty water pumps that would cause the engine failure of affected units. According to the class action, the manufacturer installed a defective thermoplastic likely […]

Ford Lemon Law Buyback Program Information

California lemon law requires automakers to replace a defective vehicle or refund its buying price if the manufacturer or its dealer can fix it after a ‘’reasonable number’’ of repair attempts. A Ford lemon law buyback applies when the automaker buys back the vehicle due to manufacturer defects. Once a manufacturer buys back a car, […]

Taking Legal Action Against a Car Dealership in California

As a California resident, you have certain rights and protections when it comes to purchasing a vehicle from a dealership. However, things don’t always go as smoothly as planned, and sometimes you may find yourself the owner of a lemon – a defective vehicle that just can’t seem to be fixed. Fortunately, California has strong […]

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