Is Car Repair Labor Taxable In California?

One of the most common questions California vehicle owners ask is if car repair labor is taxable in this state. Often many people will get confused because assembly labor is taxable in California. Yet, according to this state’s laws, installation and repair labor on vehicles is not taxable. In our article, we’re going to discuss this topic more in-depth. 

If you believe that you have paid labor taxes for car repair in California when you shouldn’t have, you should consider speaking to a California Lemon Law attorney from the LemonLaw123 law firm. We have experience dealing with cases like these and can help you determine if you have paid labor taxes on car repair when you shouldn’t have. 

What Types Of Labor Is Taxable In California?

There are many types of labor taxes you could be charged when repairing your car. For example, in California and many other US states, fabrication labor is considered taxable labor. Additionally, if you add a component to your vehicle during a repair that would increase its value, that labor could be considered taxable. Moreover, manufacturing labor on your car repair project could be considered taxable if you altered, cut, or resized your car in any way. 

California Does Not Charge Taxes On Car Repair

As we mentioned previously, California does charge taxes on assembly labor but usually not on car repair or service labor. Yet there are certain taxable labor charges, and these charges must be listed on your invoices. 

It will also be helpful to note that repair labor is classified as work that has to be performed on a car to repair or restore it to its intended use. Unfortunately, installation and assembly labor can be difficult to distinguish from one another, so it’s often best to consult a lawyer. 

Are Specialty Car Repairs Taxable?

Now that you know that labor repair charges are usually not taxable in California, you’re likely wondering if other specialty car repairs are taxable. Below we have briefly listed a few of the specialty car repairs you could choose to get done and whether they are taxable or not. 

  • Your vehicle’s smog checks and certification: The smog certificate and smog check fees are non-taxable charges. Additionally, the certificate fee for your car is regulated by the Department of Consumer Affairs. 
  • Auto painting and bodywork: You cannot be taxed for the supplies and tools used during your vehicle’s auto painting or bodywork repair. However, you can be charged taxes for parts and materials that remain on your car during the repair. 
  • Spray-on bed liners: Sometimes, you could have to pay taxes on installing a spray-on bed liner for your vehicle, but this is dependent on if your vehicle is new or used. 
  • Auto glass replacement: When you replace the auto glass on your vehicle, you can be taxed on the glass, but you cannot be taxed on the installation labor. However, if you’re installing custom glass on your vehicle, you can be taxed on installation labor. 

Contact A California Lemon Lawyer To Discuss Your Case

If you have had your vehicle in for repairs and feel that the auto shop charged you taxes on repair items that are non-taxable, you should speak with a lemon law California attorney. You deserve legal representation if you have been wronged, which is why the LemonLaw123 law firm wants to help you. So contact us, and we will arrange an obligation-free consultation. 

Los Angeles to Yellowstone National Park Road Trips

Traveling from one of our nation’s most beautiful cities to one of its most awe-inspiring national parks is a great way to spend your vacation, and the trip from LA to Yellowstone does not disappoint. If, however, your vehicle is unreliable or conks out on the way, your attempt to build some relaxation into your life can turn into something immensely stressful. If your new or leased vehicle is giving you serious trouble, reach out to an experienced LA lemon law attorney for the professional legal guidance that you need. 

Hitting the Road

The total driving time from Los Angeles to Yellowstone National Park is about 15 and a half hours (1,000) on scenic I-15 N, but there is plenty to see along the way, including:

  • Begin with the natural grandeur of the Mojave National Preserve and Death Valley on your way to Las Vegas.
  • Do whatever you want to do in Vegas – because it stays right there.
  • Continue on and enjoy the beauty of Lake Mead and – with a dip into Arizona – the Grand Canyon’s Parashant National Monument.
  • As you push forward, take in the splendor of Zion National Park and Dixie and Fishlake National Forests.
  • And if that isn’t enough, switching over to I-20 will lead you to the expansive Caribou-Targhee Forest and Henrys Lake State Park
  • Proceed to your gorgeous destination of Yellowstone National Park.

There is a lot to look forward to seeing during this itinerary. 

If Your Car Is a Lemon

If your car is a lemon, however, your plans can quickly go south. A lemon is a vehicle that does not perform to the standards set forward by the manufacturer’s warranty, and there are both federal and state laws in place that protect consumers who do end up with lemons. 

Lemon laws help to ensure that if the manufacturer of your vehicle fails to repair its defect within a reasonable number of attempts, you are entitled to either a replacement or to your purchase price (minus a mileage offset) being returned. 

What Is a Reasonable Number of Attempts?

You may find yourself wondering what a reasonable number of attempts is when it comes to repairing your vehicle, and the law has you covered with the following definitions:

  • If the defect could cause either injury or death if left unrepaired, two attempts ar considered a reasonable number. 
  • If an issue with your car has required four attempts at repair, lemon laws are likely to kick in. 
  • If your car has spent more than 30 days total in the shop for repairs (the days do not have to be consecutive), your car may qualify as a lemon.

Reach out to an Experienced LA Lemon Law Attorney Today

If your vacation is dashed because your car is a lemon, the seasoned LA lemon law attorneys at LemonLaw123 recognize how difficult the situation is for you and are committed to zealously advocating for your case’s best possible resolution. We’re here to help, so please contact or call us at 657-529-5239 for more information today.

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