Nissan Sentra Recalls

Many consumers buy Nissan Sentras because of their reliability, high performance, modern designs, and impeccable gas mileage. More importantly, Nissan Sentras are known for high safety ratings and comfort. Even so, vehicle owners have lodged numerous complaints about transmission failure, fuel system defects, service brakes, and engine defects. Nissan North America, Inc. (Nissan) periodically issues […]

Nissan Rogue Recall Guide: Safety Notices and Action Steps

The Nissan Rogue is a lovely vehicle that offers a smooth driving experience. Even so, it doesn’t have a good reputation for reliability due to its mechanical defects. Consumers have complained that many of their units have turned out to be lemon. Consequently, Nissan North America Inc. has issued several recalls to fix the numerous […]

Nissan Manufacturer Buyback under the Nissan Lemon Law

Owning a car with persistent defects is a frustrating experience. If you had planned a road trip with your family, a lemon car will most likely disappoint you. If it has a persistent transmission problem, it may fail to engage gears, making it undrivable. In addition to irritating mechanical defects, lemon vehicles trigger additional running […]

Are You Protected by the California Lemon Law?

Consumers who unknowingly buy lemon cars endure massive frustration. Whether it’s frequent stalling, disrupted plans, or reduced value of their money, it’s a painful experience. For instance, a consumer bought a 2021 Nissan Altima to fulfill marketing obligations for your security company across California. However, 10,000 miles down the line, the vehicle develops a persistent […]

The Transmission Troubles of the 2016 Nissan Altima: What You Need to Know

The 2016 Nissan Altima is a great family vehicle. It’s a quiet and comfortable ride with a spacious cabin. Although it ranks middle in midsize cars, it boosts refined handling and notable crash test scores. More importantly, it has several innovative features like Siri voice recognition for iPhone and enhanced infotainment. Even so, the 2016 […]

Why Is My Nissan Altima Not Accelerating?

When you buy or lease a vehicle, you always hope it’ll give you the best service. However, it can develop problems. Nissan Altima, a luxury sedan, is popular for its sleek design and smooth driving experience. Despite its excellent features, it’s equally famous for transmission problems. Many owners have registered complaints such as vibration, delay […]

Nissan Altima Transmission Issues

The list of unhappy 2016 Nissan Altima owners is long. Most of them are unhappy about their costly and premature transmission replacements. Some complaints Nissan has received include: “Many transmission problems – had to have it replaced 3 times in the first year.” “Engine light is always on and rides badly, and the fuel pump […]

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