Chevy Silverado Shuts Off While Driving

What if your car were to just shut off in the middle of traffic? That would be frightening, wouldn’t it? Well, many owners of a Chevy Silverado don’t need to wonder how that would feel like. Some of them have experienced it firsthand.

When your Chevy Silverado shuts down, it can be frightening. It can lead to a serious car accident for you and other drivers. Why is the Chevy Silverado suddenly shutting off? Here are a few reasons:

Faulty transmission

An automatic transmission has a torque converter that is responsible for transmitting power.

Your transmission can be faulty when the torque converter is broken or the fluid level is low.

The converter will not be as effective, and your car cannot maintain power at low speeds. Eventually, your engine will shut down.

Broken fuel pump

Fuel can be transferred from your tank to your engine because of the fuel pump. When your fuel pump is broken, it can cause low fuel pressure. When you are traveling at high speeds, you may not be able to notice. But at low speeds, a temporary pause in the fuel stream can kill your engine.

Loose or corroded wires

When your ignition is inconsistently firing, it can end up in a stalled engine. Your battery cables can also be damaged if they come in contact with rust or corrosion. Your car can lose voltage if the wires are not consistently or constantly connected to the ignition circuit. When your car loses voltage, it won’t be able to keep running as you slow it down.

Bad alternator

Your Chevy Silverado can also shut off if the alternator becomes bad. When your alternator is worn down or damaged, your car will lose its power supply in the battery.

Once the battery’s power is depleted, your ignition will no longer be able to fire properly. One of the signs that you want to look out for is the battery light. Once this light comes on, you want to take it to the mechanic as soon as possible.

Sensor problems

Your car could have issues with its oxygen and mass flow sensors. The oxygen sensors are used to determine how much oxygen is in the fuel stream and keeps the air-to-fuel ratio even.

If there’s little oxygen, your car will have little optimal power. The car will continue to move at high speeds, but the power won’t be enough to keep it moving when it slows down.

Costs of maintenance and repairs

If you plan on having your Chevy Silverado for at least 10 years, you will have to pay $10,003 in maintenance and repairs. Even though it’s spanned over 10 years, that can still be expensive. It can even cost you more if your car is considered a lemon.

What is a lemon?

A lemon is a defective car that a car company intentionally sold. When you purchase a “new” car, you don’t expect to experience several maintenance issues within the first one or two years of driving it.

But that is what happens when your car is a lemon. Dealing with the cost of repairs can hurt you financially. That is why California is in support of lemon laws.

Lemon laws help you recuperate money from your defective car. If you purchased your new or used car and it is still under manufacturer warranty, you may be able to file a lemon law claim.

How long do lemon laws apply?

If your car is considered a lemon, these laws apply for as long as your warranty. That means you have the time length of your warranty to take legal action and be reimbursed for the defects in your car.

But car companies may argue that your negligent actions caused damage to the car after the car was delivered. That is why you want to review the terms and conditions of your warranty, especially the terms about maintenance and proper use.

Eligibility for lemon law claims

For you to possibly file a lemon law claim against your car company, your car must meet the following requirements:

  • It must have the same repair issue after two unsuccessful attempts to repair it
  • The repair issue must still exist after the car company has unsuccessfully tried to resolve it four or more times
  • The car must have been out of service for more than 30 days because of repairs

Your car may also be considered a lemon if you experience mechanical issues within the first 18 months or 18,000 miles of having it.

Does the car have to be new?

Your car does not need to be new to be classified as a lemon. It can be a lemon even if it is used. The only requirement is that the car is bought or used for personal or family purposes. It also must have constant, hard-to-fix mechanical issues.

Manufacturer warranty requirement

Car companies must provide a manufacturer’s warranty when purchasing your car. They also must provide you with a manufacturer warranty in clear language.

If the car does not live up to the warranty, you have the right to get the car fixed at the company’s expense. If your car cannot be fixed after a reasonable number of attempts, you are entitled to either a refund or a replacement car.

What a California lemon law attorney can do for you

A lemon law attorney can help you maximize the compensation you can get from your lemon law claim. We can also help protect your legal rights against the car company. When the car company doesn’t want to cooperate, they will go to low blows to avoid liability. Our attorneys can make sure that the car company is held liable for selling a defective car to you.

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