Chrysler Pacifica Battery Issues

A Chrysler Pacifica may use 94RH7, H6-AGM, or H6-AGM battery to ignite and run its engine. In addition, the battery powers key accessories like lights, stereo, GPS, computerized system, and power windows.

Unfortunately, driving a car with a defective battery is one of the reasons cars stall. On average, a Chrysler Pacifica battery can last for 3-5 years. Even so, its lifespan may vary based on factors like the battery’s size, type, weather, and driving patterns.

In 2019 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recalled 198,731 Chrysler Pacifica units due to faulty batteries. The recalled units also had ground connections that led to the loss of power steering. 

Luckily, California lemon laws were designed to protect the rights of car owners. More importantly, a Chrysler lemon law attorney can represent you while seeking a refund or replacement from a dealer.

Indicators of Battery Issues

It is crucial to have your battery checked regularly to discover potential problems. Alternatively, look out for common issues that indicate a battery problem. The common signs include ignition delays, loose terminals, and corrosion, among others.

A point to note: Chrysler Pacifica had a major recall due to defective batteries that affected power steering. NHTSA made the recall in 2022 for models manufactured from 2017-2019.

Below are the common signs of a defective Chrysler Pacifica battery.

Fluid Leaks

The battery fluid contains a mixture of sulphuric acid and distilled water. The solution is highly acidic and can easily damage any type of skin, surface, or car. In addition, a leaking battery produces hydrogen gas which is volatile and highly flammable.

Here’s why a defective battery may leak:

  • Cracked Battery: If the manufacturer didn’t conduct quality assurance, it might release low-quality battery units in the market.
  • Battery Plate Expansion: Hot engine temperatures or summer heat can expand the car’s battery. Plate expansion rarely happens with standard batteries because manufacturers install thermal management controls.

So, how can you identify a leaking battery?

Look out for these symptoms:

  • Battery fluids are consistently low
  • Expansion or warping of the battery housing
  • Visible corrosion around battery terminal caps
  • Wetness at the surface of the battery

Delayed Engine Crank 

A defective battery suffers delayed engine crank, implying it takes longer to ignite the engine.

As a battery ages, it progressively loses its capacity to produce “cranking amps.” Remember, batteries have two amperage ratings; cranking amps and cold cranking amperage (CCA).

During cold days, cranking issues become more profound. Therefore, if you note a persistent ignition problem with your Chrysler Pacifica, consider a further investigation. What’s more, the corrosion along the terminals also delays engine cranking.

Lastly, consult your mechanic to rule out other causes of delayed ignition, such as a faulty starter or starter relay.

Low Battery Voltage

The voltage level of your battery is an alternative method to check its health status. You’ll need a multimeter or a voltmeter to measure the battery voltage. Then, adjust it to “20 volts” to evaluate a car battery’s electrical output.

Here are a few key indicators:

  • O volts, there’s a high likelihood it has experienced a short circuit
  • If it can’t reach 10.5 volts when fully charged, the battery has a dead cell
  • If it has a maximum voltage of 12.4 when fully charged, the battery is sulfated

A point to note: Sulfation impedes a battery’s ability to obtain a full charge. Typically, re-charging reverses sulfation crystals in a state ready to produce power. However, in a defective battery case, the sulfate particles are significant and harder, impeding the battery’s function.

Check Battery Light 

Dashboard warning lights are a fundamental diagnostic method for a defective battery. Remember, crucial car functions have electric sensors connected to display warning lights or symbols. 

Generally, there are two warning signs: red and orange. 

If the battery/alternator sign turns red, that’s a prompt to check your car. In addition, you might encounter early signs like a power window that doesn’t turn up. Alternatively, the car stereo or indicators may fail to power.

Here’s how to troubleshoot for red battery light:

  • Clean battery terminals: Remove the terminal covers’ followed by a thorough clean-up.
  • Adjust the clamps: If the clamps are loose, the battery might lose some power. As such, tighten the grip to restore full battery power.
  • Check any form of corrosion along the terminals.

Ultimately, if your Chrysler Pacifica is a lemon car, it may prove difficult to solve a battery issue.

Speak to an Experienced California Lemon Law Attorney

It’s frustrating to own or drive a faulty car. Generally, a defective battery diminishes the convenience, comfort, and reliability of a Chrysler Pacifica. It’s, therefore, essential to engage a reputable lawyer like Lemon Law123 to follow up with the dealer for a refund or replacement. 

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