Hyundai Tucson Doesn’t Start

Have you ever expected something to happen only to be surprised when it doesn’t? Many drivers know this feeling all too well when our cars don’t start. It’s one of the most blatant signs that something is wrong with your car.

Even though cars can break down from wear and tear, some cars already have defective parts. If you’re the owner of a Hyundai Tucson and it’s having issues starting, the car company might be liable. Discuss the matter with an experienced California lemon law attorney immediately.

Possible reasons for a failing Hyundai Tucson

There could be three reasons why your Hyundai Tucson is not starting:

Dead battery

Your Hyundai Tucson may contain a dead battery if your engine has a slow cranking sound or there are clicking noises when trying to start the car.

Your Tucson could have a dead battery due to internal degradation of the battery. This happens because of old age.

If the car has been parked for a long time, that can also cause internal degradation. Other signs of a dead battery include dim lights and flickering dashboard lights. When the battery voltage is low, your car has an issue powering the lights properly.

Bad Alternator

Another common reason is a bad alternator. The alternator is a car part that transfers the mechanical energy from the engine to electricity. It’s responsible for powering up all the electrical parts in your car and your battery.

You will know by the red battery sign when your alternator becomes faulty. A bad alternator can cause your battery to become dead. Some signs of a bad alternator include electrical issues, slow cranking, and a stalling engine.

You can drive your Tucson with a bad alternator, but only for a short distance. When the battery charge is too low, the engine will shut down, and your car will stop running.

Failed Starter

A failed starter is one of the drivers’ first issues when their cars won’t start. Your starter is the part in your car’s engine that will turn it over at about 200 RPM for it to start. The starter is at the circuit connected to the battery, the ignition switch, relays, and fuses.

When you turn the key to ignition, the starter circuit is completed, and the starter begins to run. You will know your starter needs to be replaced when you hear unusual noises when starting your car.

Driving around with a failed starter is dangerous. Even though you may be able to start the car, you would have to keep it running, or it won’t start back up again.

Cost Of Repairs

Whether your issue is a dead battery, a faulty starter, or a bad alternator, your Tucson repairs will cost you. Replacing the battery may cost you between $345 to $355. That’s just for the part.

To replace the starter, the cost may range from $424 to $573. The average cost for a Tucson alternator replacement ranges from $585 to $723. These are just the costs for the parts. You also have to account for the labor from the mechanic.

Maintenance Schedule

The cost of repairs is not the only expense that comes with a Hyundai Tucson. On average, you should expect to pay about $7,951 for maintenance and repair costs for the first 10 years.

Your Rights Through Lemon Laws

Fortunately, there is a solution to your problem. If your Hyundai Tucson is considered a new vehicle (2017 model year or newer) and cannot be repaired after several attempts, it may be considered a lemon.

California contains lemon laws that protect you from being taken advantage of by car companies. If your car is considered a new motor vehicle and you experience problems within 18 months or 18,000 miles, you may be able to get your money back or a new vehicle.

You could receive a cash settlement, a partial or total refund, or a replacement car. Lemon laws hold shady car dealers and manufacturers liable for distributing faulty vehicles.

How To Identify Your Car As A Lemon

Your car may be a lemon if it meets the following criteria:

  • There’s been a problem identified in your car that makes it dangerous to use
  • You’ve tried at least twice to repair your car, and the danger is still present
  • You’ve tried at least four times to repair the issue to no avail
  • Your car has been off the road and out of service for 30 days or more because of repairs
  • Defenses the manufacturer can use against your claim
  • Car companies don’t want to handle lemon law claims and will use several defenses to avoid liability.

Some of these common defenses include:

  • Nothing is wrong with the car
  • The repairs were effectively done
  • The damage from the car is normal wear and tear
  • The defect does not significantly affect the car’s use, safety, or value
  • What a California lemon law attorney can do for you
  • A lemon law attorney can protect your best interests against the car companies. Car companies have several legal teams at their disposal. These legal teams are familiar with lemon laws and how to avoid liability for them.

A lemon law attorney will ensure you are properly compensated for your inconvenience. We can assess whether your car qualifies as a lemon. Once that is established, we can determine the best way to proceed with your claim.

We also know how to gather the right documentation to prove the car company’s liability. Car companies and mechanics don’t show all the paperwork associated with your repairs. That is how they can get away with filing paperwork that states that there are no signs of vehicle repair on your estimates.

We can help you overcome this issue by requesting copies of all of the evidence.

Speak With A California Lemon Law Attorney Today

To see whether you qualify for a lemon law claim, speak with a California law attorney today. Call the office of LemonLaw123 to schedule an initial consultation today. You deserve to be compensated if your vehicle is a lemon.

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