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Mercedes Benz Lemon Law Lawyer

Is your Mercedes Benz a lemon? Under California’s “Lemon Law” (i.e., the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act), a vehicle manufacturer is obligated to fix any substantial problems with a vehicle that is under warranty within a “reasonable number of attempts.”   If the manufacturer is unable to fix the problem (or if they can’t properly diagnose what is wrong), then the manufacturer is obligated to either repurchase the vehicle or replace it with a new one.

So, what is a “reasonable” number?  That depends on how serious the mechanical problem is.  It can be as few as two for defects that pose serious safety issues.  Similarly, defects that  prevent you from being able to rely on your vehicle require fewer repair attempts. The best way to find out if you have a lemon law claim is to call for a free consultation.

If you need a lemon lawyer, there are dozens in most California cities. The single most important thing you should look for in a lemon law attorney is someone that you trust. If your lawsuit goes well and the defendants want to settle, then your attorney will have to advise you on whether the defendants are offering enough money in settlement. Having an attorney who you trust will allow you to make decisions like this with confidence.

Other important things you should look for in choosing a lemon lawyer are:

  • Do they specialize in lemon law cases?
  • Will they take the case on a “contingency fee basis” (in other words, you won’t owe him any money unless you win your lawsuit)?
  • Will they charge you any money “up front,” or is he willing to forego his fees until after you win?
  • Will they charge you a percentage of the money that he recovers for you from the defendants, and if so, what percentage?
  • Is the attorney honest about the strengths and potential weaknesses of your case?


An attorney who specializes in lemon law cases, such as those involving Mercedes-Benz and other luxury automakers, and who tells you upfront how he or she will be paid, who clearly explains the risks (if any) associated with your lawsuit, who helps you understand your potential claims, and who you trust is typically your best bet. specializes in lemon law cases and has successfully handled hundreds involving vehicle manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz and various car dealerships.

Mercedes-Benz is a German luxury automobile marque. Mercedes-Benz AG and its subsidiary Mercedes-Benz AG – part of Daimler AG – is headquartered in Stuttgart. The first Mercedes-Benz-branded vehicles were manufactured in 1926. In 2018, Mercedes-Benz was number one in premium vehicle sales, with 2.31 million sold.

The company’s origins lie in Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft’s 1901 Mercedes and Karl Benz’s 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen, which is widely regarded as the first internal combustion engine in a self-propelled automobile. The brand’s slogan is “the best, or nothing”.

Your Mercedes Benz Lemon Law Rights

The best way to find out if you have a lemon law claim is to call for a free consultation with an experienced attorney who specializes in lemon law cases. can answer all of your questions, and tell you whether you have grounds to seek compensation under the lemon law.

Determining if your Vehicle is a Lemon

Here how you know
  • Is your vehicle 2017
    or Newer?
  • Have you had multiple
    repair attempts?
  • Did the problem start
    in the first 60,000 miles?

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