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At Lemon Law 123 in Orange County, we are committed to advocating for the rights of our clients in California when a defective vehicle is disrupting their lives.

We put the California Lemon Law to work to protect your rights as an automobile consumer, helping you to take advantage of the legal remedies that hold the manufacturer accountable for vehicle defects. When you have experienced ongoing maintenance trouble with an automobile that the dealership or a certified mechanic cannot fix after a reasonable number of attempts, you could be entitled to compensation.

Whether your vehicle is a truck, car, SUV, RV, or even a motorcycle, and it is under a manufacturer’s warranty and seems to spend more time “at the shop” than on the road, you might have a lemon law claim under California law.

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Factory Warranties on Used Cars

When buying a used car, you may have several warranty options. The warranty you choose may have an impact on your settlement options. The three warranty options you may have include:

Certified pre-owned: one of the most common warranties you may get to cover used cars that have been inspected, resold, or refurbished. These warranties do not cover as much as a manufacturer or factory warranty.
Transferred new car warranty: new cars often have manufacturer warranties that the manufacturer extends. Suppose you buy a used car with the original warranty it can transfer to you. A caveat is you will only have access to the remaining coverage. Another caveat to consider is some manufacturers have transfer limits. They will only transfer certain aspects of the warranty and not offer an extension.
Lemon law buyback warranty: Manufacturers should offer a minimum 12-month 12,000-mile warranty when reselling a used vehicle. This warranty means the manufacturer will fix the car and likely resell it.

Since warranties vary, you must check with the seller and manufacturer about the capacity of your warranties. Many assume their used car comes with some warranty. This is sometimes inaccurate and can lead to confusion and challenges when filing a Lemon Law claim.

How Do I Prove that My Car is a Lemon Under California Law?

Vehicles in the state of California are inspected for safety and other features to ensure that the vehicles on the road are safe and do not pose a risk to their operators, other drivers, pedestrians, and property. When your vehicle is unreliable, it is not only frustrating but also dangerous to yourself and others on the road.

Luckily, the California Lemon Law was created to protect consumers from being forced to keep a defective vehicle that demands ongoing maintenance that is not effective at fixing the problem.

If your car, truck, SUV, RV, or other vehicle is still under a manufacturer’s warranty and is experiencing any of the following issues, you could be entitled to compensation:

  • Your vehicle has one or many defects or faults in function.
  • The issue/s with your vehicle impair the use, safety, or value of the vehicle.
  • Despite a number of attempts by the manufacturer, certified mechanic, or dealership, the vehicle is not able to be repaired.

If you think that your vehicle might be a lemon due to these issues and you would like to explore options regarding pursuing a claim against the manufacturer, schedule a consultation with a highly experienced Orange County lemon law attorney who can evaluate your situation.

How Many Repair Attempts are Necessary Before a CA Lemon Claim Can be Pursued?

It is important to understand that even if your vehicle isn’t perfect when driving it off the lot, it may not qualify as a lemon. To qualify as a lemon, a vehicle must have issues for which multiple attempts have been made at repair, and none of them were successful. The purpose of the California lemon law is to protect consumers from having to keep a vehicle that does not function as it was intended, and repairs cannot fix the malfunction.

The repair attempts must be conducted by a qualified mechanic, and it is important to keep all records of the visit to the mechanic, even for times they may not have worked on your vehicle. What matters is that you were unable to operate your vehicle as intended, when intended, due to the issues.

Under California Lemon Law, to qualify, a vehicle must have undergone the following in terms of repair attempts:

  • If the defective vehicle poses the risk of serious bodily harm or death when driven and has not been repaired by two attempts at repair by the dealer or manufacturer
  • The dealer or manufacturer has not been able to fix the same issue after four or more attempts, regardless of whether it poses a risk of serious bodily harm or death.
  • If the vehicle has been at a service location for over thirty non-consecutive days in total for warranty-covered issues and related repairs

Given this information, if you think that your vehicle might be a lemon under California law and you would like to know your rights and how to hold the manufacturer accountable for your issues, reach out to one of our experienced lemon law lawyers in Orange County now.

What if My Vehicle Has a Recall Issued?

If your California vehicle has an active recall, you need to take it to the dealer as soon as possible for repairs. Doing so can ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive. However, if the recalled issue cannot be repaired, your vehicle might be considered a lemon. It might take four or more visits to the dealership’s repair shop in order to qualify the vehicle as a lemon, so be sure to continue to take it even when it seems as if there is no hope for a resolution. If there is a recall issued and you fail to rectify the issue, you run the risk of forfeiting the lemon status.

What is the Car Buyer’s Bill of Rights?

California has a car buyer’s Bill of Rights in order to protect anyone who wishes to purchase a vehicle. The protections provided by the Bill of Rights are the same for those who buy a new or used vehicle and include the following:

  • A limit is placed on markups: this law puts a cap on the amount a dealer can be compensated by a lender.
  • Buyer disclosures: charges cannot be added to a buyer’s contract unless they are disclosed by the dealer and your consent.
  • Certified used cars: any used car that is advertised as being certified must meet specific requirements. A copy of the inspection report performed by the dealership must be provided to the buyer.
  • Credit score disclosures: When a buyer obtains financing from the dealership, the buyer’s credit score must be provided to them along with an explanation of how it will be used.
  • The right to cancel the purchase of a used car: A buyer of a used car can purchase a two-day cancellation protection plan. This plan allows the buyer to have the vehicle examined by their own mechanic and test-driven for two days. They can then return the vehicle for a refund in full within the two-day period.

If you believe that a car dealership has violated any of these items on the car buyer’s Bill of Rights, you should contact an Orange County lemon law lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case.

What Do Vehicle Consumers Stand to Gain from a Claim

If you or someone you know is the consumer of a defective vehicle in Orange County, your rights are protected, and we represent the best interests of each of our clients based on their unique needs. Our clients receive informed and competent legal representation with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about how to best move through with the process.

Keep in mind that only vehicles that have been purchased or leased with a warranty are eligible to pursue a claim under the California Lemon Law. When pursuing your compensation from the manufacturer, we can negotiate one of the following solutions:

  • The manufacturer is required to replace your vehicle
  • The manufacturer is required to buy the vehicle back from you
  • You are provided with a cash settlement to be compensated for your time and trouble while keeping the vehicle

What is the Statute of Limitations in California for a Lemon Law Claim?

The statute of limitations for filing a lemon law claim in California is just four years. While this might seem like a lot of time, it is not when it comes to filing a legal claim. A lawyer will be able to file the proper paperwork, conduct an investigation, gather evidence, and ensure that you do not miss the deadline to file. That is why you need an Orange County lemon law lawyer on your side from Lemon Law 123.

How long will my case take to settle?

Cases involving lemon laws will vary in length. We will review your case details once you have a consultation with our Orange County Lemon Law attorney. This allows us to assess the validity of your case. We will then craft a claim with supporting evidence and our demands. We will send this request to the manufacturer, who will have 30 days to respond. While they have 30 days to respond, that does not mean you will settle within that time.

The manufacturer can respond with different options to resolve the matter. They can respond with a cash settlement option or a vehicle buyback option. When they react with these options, you could resolve your claim within 60 to 90 days. However, this is a generalization as some companies may place additional hurdles or send a lower offer. This is why you should ensure you work with Lemon Law 123.

Does the Lemon Law Govern Auto Repair Shops?

Yes, every auto repair shop in California is governed by the lemon law. The law also requires that every single auto repair shop registers with the California Bureau of Automotive Repair (CBAR). If the auto repair shop is not registered, you should report it immediately and remove your vehicle from their care.

The law requires all auto repair shops to provide their customers with written estimates for proposed work before conducting said work. The shop is also not permitted to charge more than what was on the estimate without first telling the customer and obtaining their consent to do so. An Orange County lemon law lawyer from Lemon Law 123 can help you file a complaint with the CBAR and conduct an investigation into the auto repair shop on your behalf.

How A Lemon Law Attorney Can Help?

With Lemon Law 123 on board as your Orange County lemon law attorney, you will be kept up to date on the claim process, including what our demands are of the manufacturer or dealer, their response, and a timeline on the resolution so that you know exactly how your case will proceed and what you will receive by working with Lemon Law 123 as your lawyer.

Why You Need a Lemon Law Attorney on Your Side in Orange County

As with any type of legal issue, it is always in your best interest to have an attorney represent you. Even if your case does not make it in front of a judge, attorneys are strong negotiators who fight for their client’s right to compensation. An Orange County lemon law lawyer will simplify the legal process, answer your questions, file the proper paperwork, and ensure that you do not miss the California statute of limitations to file a lemon law claim. There is too much of an investment at risk when dealing with a lemon vehicle to represent yourself in a claim. Seek the assistance of a lemon law attorney today.

Pay Nothing Upfront: Contingency Fee

When we take your case, your legal fees are pa

Orange County Lemon Law FAQs

Am I required to attempt to make vehicle repairs?

The first requirement under California Lemon Laws is for the dealership to attempt to repair the issue. While they can try several times, it must be within reason. It would be unreasonable to attempt to repair the problem for a year repeatedly. When you go for repairs, you should keep copies of all your receipts, mechanic notes, and paperwork. If you have any used parts from the service, those can also serve as vital evidence.

How do I know how much my lemon is worth?

When determining how much to request from a settlement from the manufacturer, we will consider the following:

  • Use the odometer reading from your first repair and divide it by 120,000
  • We will then multiply that number by your vehicle purchase price

This will be your replacement or repurchase value. We may consider other factors when calculating your complete settlement since each case is unique. However, this formula will serve as a starting point. The manufacturer can also counter with a lower offer. It is best to speak with a Lemon law attorney in Orange County.

What does a lemon law reimbursement cover?

Sometimes, you may get a refund in lieu of a replacement vehicle. If you get reimbursement, you could obtain payment for the following:

  • Monthly payments
  • Any fees such as registration, license, etc.
  • Your down payment
  • Any rental car expenses you incur while your vehicle is being repaired

What kind of vehicles does the Lemon Law not cover?

While California lemon laws cover a slew of vehicles, some are exempt for different reasons. Common examples of cars that do not fall under Lemon Law include:

  • Off-road vehicles like dirt bikes
  • Mobile homes used or designed for use as a residence
  • Vehicles purchased outside the state
  • Commercial vehicles weighing over 10,000 owned by a business with a fleet of six or more vehicles

If unsure whether you have a lemon law claim, discuss your situation with Lemon Law 123.

Do military veterans have special rules?

Since veterans may buy vehicles outside of California, they could have different stipulations. You must be an active military member and:

  • You bought the vehicle in the United States.
  • The dealer you purchased the vehicle from sells vehicles in California.
  • You are a state resident and were stationed in California when you bought the vehicle or were stationed when you filed your claim.

id directly by the manufacturer of your vehicle, which means that you pay nothing out of pocket for our representation, as both state and federal laws allow attorneys to collect all legal fees and costs directly from the manufacturer of your lemon.

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