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Anaheim has the greatest population of any city in the county of Orange, and it is also a driver’s city with many vehicles on the road. In fact, while it is estimated that just about eight thousand Anaheim residents walk to work, the remaining population drives, and over eighty percent of households in Anaheim have more than one vehicle. With this many vehicles on the road and in driveways across the state, it is all the more important that these vehicles are functioning safely and effectively. 

When your vehicle has continuous issues that keep it “in the shop,” being worked on, and keeping you from having a dependable ride to work, it can cause very serious issues and costs for your life. If your vehicle has been having ongoing issues since you purchased it, the safety of yourself and other drivers on the roads of California are put at risk. This is why the California Lemon Law exists, and it has proven to be a powerful and effective way to solve the problem of unsafe vehicles on the roads of the state

Mechanic trying to repare a defective car in California

The attorneys at Lemon Law 123 have assisted countless clients in enforcing their rights under California Lemon Law, and they are prepared to assist you. One of the experienced lemon law attorneys from Lemon Law 123 is available to provide a risk-free consultation on your case and read on to learn more.


What is a Lemon?

As an instinct, you may correlate a lemon to a fruit. While you are correct, there is another way we use the term. A lemon describes a car that is continuously having problems despite constant repair.

There is a Federal Lemon Law that protects the consumer if the manufacturer fails to deliver on its promise. If you buy a new car, the manufacturer promises the quality of the vehicle. Should these promises lack fulfillment, the law may protect you and require the manufacturer to provide you with a cash payment. In other instances, you may also have the right to a replacement car.

Anaheim, California Lemon Law: Explained 

Lemons have been around since the advent of the automobile industry, whether we are talking about cars that were poorly designed, individual vehicles that slipped through quality control with issues, or vehicles with defective parts. In California, the lemon law is in place to protect vehicle owners and lessees, and it provides relief from dangerous or persistent issues with the vehicles they have purchased or leased. 

What Does the Lemon Law Do? 

When you have purchased or leased a new vehicle in California that is under warranty, and has ongoing problems that the dealer has been unsuccessful in repairing after many attempts at doing so, you could be entitled to compensation. 

This law applies to cars, trucks, vans, RVs, motorcycles, and a few business-owned vehicles. The California lemon law also applies to used vehicles that are certified pre-owned or have issued warranties. 

Under the California Lemon Law, buyers are protected from the purchase of faulty vehicles. The law might require a manufacturer to buy back or replace a vehicle if – despite a “reasonable” number of attempts at repairing the vehicle – the major defect is still not repaired. 

Your vehicle problem or problems are covered under the California Lemon Law if:

  • The problem is covered by the vehicle’s new-vehicle warranty
  • The problem substantially impairs the value, use, or safety of the vehicle 
  • The problem was not caused by unauthorized or unreasonable use after the sale of the vehicle 

At Lemon Law 123, we take cases involving vehicles that have been in repair for issues still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, extended warranty, or an extended service contract. 


In order to be eligible to receive relief under the California lemon law, your vehicle must be under a manufacturer’s warranty. There are general warranty requirements for products that are sold in California, which apply to your purchase of a vehicle. The applicability of the warranty to your vehicle can sometimes be confusing. 

Cars, trucks, and the powertrain portions of motorhomes are covered by the Lemon Law if:

  • The vehicle is new, used, pre-owned under warranty, or certified.
  • The vehicle was bought or leased.
  • When purchased, the vehicle was covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or a manufacturer’s extended warranty.
  • If the vehicle is out of warranty, it might qualify if an ongoing problem required that it be in the shop many times before the warranty expired. 
  • The manufacturer was provided a reasonable number of opportunities to repair the problem.
  • When the vehicle has “been in the shop” for thirty or more days, cumulatively. 

Keep in mind that motorcycles, the coach portion of a mobile home, as well as towable vehicles like fifth-wheel trailers, toy haulers, travel trailers, and pop-up campers are covered as consumer goods and have the same protections as other consumer goods sold with a manufacturer’s warranty. 

How does the lemon law process work?

The Lemon Law attorney of Anaheim works diligently to provide clients with the best assistance possible. We can attest that our Lemon Law is easy, quick, and pain-free. Our main objective is to resolve your matter efficiently by following the steps.

  • Once you contact us, we will take down all the details about your vehicle’s problems. Then we inform you of what we need to evaluate your case. We guide you in the beginning stages of that process.
  • After receiving all your information, we take it upon ourselves to review your documents. We can then determine if your claim is valid. When we establish that you do indeed have a claim and you allow us to represent you, we handle all the paperwork, filing, and negotiations with the manufacturer. We keep you in the loop regarding the settlement process while offering counsel on the best way to proceed.
  • Lastly, once you agree to the settlement, we work directly with you and the manufacturer to ensure that they meet the terms. Lemon Law attorneys hold representation in high esteem, and it is never complete until you receive settlement proceeds.

The Lemon Law approach is to get the best settlement possible in the shortest time. It is simple. You should also know you don’t pay anything. The applicable state and federal laws allow us to pursue and collect fees and costs. Don’t ever expect a bill from us.

Anaheim Lemon Law for Motorcycles, Boats, or Other Vehicles?

The Lemon Law usually applies to cars. However, other laws cover different vehicles where the manufacturer fails to live up to their warranty obligations. The Magnuson-Moss Federal Warranty Act is a federal law that offers protection to buyers of any goods that sell in the United States as long as they come with a written warranty. 

We sometimes call this law the Federal Lemon Law. Under the Federal Lemon Law, cars, trucks, boats, motorhomes, and more fall under this coverage form. The Federal Lemon Law essentially applies to all purchases that cost over $25. If a product does not have a warranty that the company follows, the Magnuson-Moss can step up and provide you coverage.

This leads to our next topic of whether the Lemon Law applies only to new cars. The answer to this is not always. State Lemon Law for cars applies to new vehicles with a breach of warranty. Many states also have provisions that allow for used cars to fall under these types of laws.

How long does the process take?

Can we settle at the end of the month? The time it takes to reach a fair settlement depends on many factors. The type and length of your claim rely on the number of repairs, repair history, vehicle manufacturer, state of your claim, whichever law applies to your case, etc. The Anaheim Lemon Law attorneys strive to complete the process efficiently and effectively. With our experience, we can push the process through to completion in very little time. Feel free to call us, and we can discuss what you can expect.

What to Do if You Have a Lemon

Begin by documenting everything and keeping copies of all records, then reach out to Lemon Law 123 for advocacy on your case. It is important to know that you are the most important element when it comes to collecting and maintaining evidence. The manufacturer and seller of the vehicle will not provide you with evidence, so do not expect that the parties responsible for your lemon will help you win the case against them. We need the right legal representation.

Make sure you collect receipts and invoices each time you drop off and pick up your vehicle. Get an invoice even if your vehicle was not repaired, as it shows a day in the shop and proves the ongoing problem. 

It is important to ensure that your records are accurate and complete, and if necessary you may need to guide the repairperson on what to enter into your records to make sure the problem is completely and accurately documented. Keep your maintenance records in a safe place, not in your glovebox, as your records could disappear mysteriously when you are in the shop, taking away all the evidence you need to collect the damages you are entitled to. 

What if I take my car to the dealer more than once for repairs in the first two months?

Is that enough for the Lemon Law attorneys to intervene? The Lemon Law varies for each state. Understanding all the details of how it works can be challenging. All the specifics of your qualification rely on a variety of factors. Sometimes you may qualify with the number of attempts to fix the problem. On the other hand, you may be eligible for the number of days your car is out of service because of repairs. 

You can rest easy knowing that our Anaheim Lemon Law attorneys understand California’s requirements. They are also able to assess eligibility for recovery quickly. We can’t stress it enough that you call now so we can address the issues before they become worse. Allow us to take the proper steps to gather the information you need to seek a claim from the manufacturer.

If I ask the dealer and they tell me my car doesn’t qualify as a lemon, what do I do?

The main job of any dealer is to fix your car and satisfy customers with what they sell. Since they are not in the legal profession, please don’t take their word for it. Only an attorney can advise you if you have a valid Lemon Law claim. Even if your car doesn’t apply under the state of California, you could still have a valid claim under other state and federal warranty laws. Our Anaheim Lemon Law attorneys assist consumers every day who fall in this category. A phone call with us is all you need, and we will make it right.

An Anaheim Lemon Law Attorney Can Help

Under the federal lemon law, which applies to all goods, including cars, the warrantor must repair your car within a reasonable time. This can amount to as few as two or three repair attempts. If your car is furthermore a lemon, you may have the right to a refund, replacement car, or significant cash payment.
If you have questions, we have the answers. Please continue reading below as we guide you through the Lemon Law process. It can be confusing and complex at times, but the Lemon Law 123 team is here to help and discuss it in more detail.

The Best Anaheim lemon law attorney

Having an attorney advocate for your interests in your claim will help you achieve the best possible outcome. Your best option is lawyers that are very familiar with the state regulations and know the local court rules and procedures.

The time to contact an attorney is as soon as possible after you have realized your issue, as this helps to ensure that all the evidence is available to help on your case. 

Anaheim Lemon Law Attorney

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