The Top Electric Cars to Look Out for in 2023

In 2023, an electric vehicle’s silence is the only louder sound than a sports car’s roar.

The electric car space is constantly evolving; in 2023, the world is not ready for some exciting new models to hit the market. Imagine hitting the road with a brand new Delorean Alpha 5,  Kia EV9, or BMW iX1; whatever your taste, the options are limitless.

These top electric vehicles of 2023 boost impeccable features such as an extended driving range, advanced technology, and sleek designs. For instance, the Fisker Ocean, a five-seater, comes with a sophisticated battery with a hyper capacity allowing you to travel up to 350 miles on a single charge.

While there are many alternatives in the market, it’s essential to research as you buy an electric car that fits your style, needs, and budget. More importantly, it’s also prudent to avoid brands with persistent defects that turn out to be lemon cars.

However, if you accidentally bought an electric car that turned out to be defective, a California lemon attorney is always ready to assist.

The Top Features of 2023`s Best Electric Cars

If you’re unsure whether to transition to electric vehicles, some things only found in an EV might change your mind. More importantly, some of these features have become even better in 2023.

Here’s a list of the top features of 2023’s best electric cars.

Solar Sky Roof

The global push for renewable and sustainable energy has inspired the integration of solar power in the development of electric vehicles. Solar-powered electric cars use photovoltaic cells to convert the sun’s energy into electricity.

For instance, the Fisker Ocean has a full-length solar sky roof, giving drivers up to 1,500 emission-free miles per year when adequately exposed to the sun.

Source of Power For Home Use

With over 90% of American households owning a vehicle, you can do much more with your EV. Many automobile companies have incorporated vehicle-to-grid(V2G) technology that allows a car to send electricity to external users such as homes, appliances, or even the public grid.

The Refreshed Nissan Leaf 2O23 is among the pioneers of V2G technology, a smart innovation that can keep your lights on in a black-out. 

Extended Mile Range

Generally, each new technology brings its fair share of challenges— some electric vehicles have a slow charge time and lower range. It explains why most electric vehicle owners have mile range anxiety.

Fortunately, the auto-makers have responded to the needs of consumers by integrating super batteries that deliver long driving range. For instance, the 2023 Lucid Air has the highest estimated driving range of 516 miles. Other electric vehicles with extended driving ranges include the 2023 Tesla Model S and the 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6.

Front Boots

Auto-makers have found a unique way to create space in the bonnet. Tesla calls it a frunk or front truck, while Kia named it a “froot.” Although it cannot hold a week’s worth of groceries, it has enough space to keep charging cables and a few essential tools. 

Some of the latest electric cars with front boots include Tesla trucks, BMW i3, Jaguar I-PACE, and Porsche Taycan.

A Closer Look at the Most Anticipated Electric Cars of 2023

Car automakers aim to reduce carbon emissions by producing clean energy vehicles. As such, many are planning to launch new electric models or improve existing models, which is good news for consumers looking for options.

Here are a few vehicles you can look forward to for their release in 2023;

Tesla Cyber Truck

It’s been four years since the Tesla Cyber Truck prototype was unveiled. 2023 could be the year for thousands of customers who’ve booked the truck could have a taste of it. One of the impeccable features is the ability to accelerate from 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds.

Also, with its 6.5-foot cargo bed, it is expected to carry as much as 3500 pounds making it an excellent companion for heavy & bulky loads.

Kia EV9

Kia has accelerated production of electric vehicles with the 7-seater Kia EV9 out soon. It’s a top-of-the-range vehicle expected to rival Tesla Model X, Volvo X90, or Range Rover by integrating level 3 autonomous driving technology.

It has over 500m driving range, a futuristic design, and off-road ability, and it promises to be a large family car worth its price.

Opel Astra Electric

Opel Astra Electric will be the flagship electric car for Opel automaker. It’ll have a 54 kWh battery with a 400m driving range. Owing to its 100 KW DC fast charger,  you can top-up its battery from 10-80 percent within 30 minutes.

The 5-seater hatchback expected to be out in the summer of 2023 has refined style and comfort that’ll appeal to anyone looking for a stylish electric car.

Volkswagen ID.7

Volkswagen is scheduled to release an electric car dubbed 1D.7 in the winter of 2023 — ID.7 is the sixth model among the ten expected out by 2026. While saloons may be a shrinking market, VW has made a bold move by making its first all-electric saloon car.

Its performance will mirror ID.4, up to 299hp from a dual-motor setup. More importantly, it has an 86KWh battery delivering up to 435 miles on a charge. You’ll also love its 14-way seats, adjustable with cooling and heating capabilities.             

Comparing the Best Electric Cars of 2023: Pros and Cons

Pros of the Best Electric Cars of 2023

  • Runs on Clean Energy: A gas-powered car emits an average of 4.6 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. In contrast, an EV emits zero carbon dioxide. If charged with renewable energy like solar, EV carbon footprint is even lower.
  • Electric Cars Are Energy Efficient: Electric vehicles are considered energy efficient because they use less energy to move than the energy used as fuel burns. 
  • Convenience: If you have a home charging station, it minimizes the time and cost of fueling at a gas station. Even so, it might be a disadvantage if you travel regularly and the vehicle battery has a shorter driving range.

Cons of the Best Electric Cars of 2023

  • Electric Cars Can Be Expensive: Electric vehicles have a higher price tag upfront because of higher production costs associated with rare components such as lithium, cobalt, gold, and silver. Even so, owning one helps you save in the long run because of the lower maintenance cost and less expensive to charge.
  • It’s Expensive to Replace a Battery: The cost of replacing a battery for electric vehicles is significantly high. Fortunately, advancement in technology is progressively making it cheaper. In addition, a replacement is not commonly needed.

Tips for Choosing the Best Electric Car for Your Needs in 2023

According to the International Energy Agency, there will be approximately 300 million electric cars in 2030 and form 60% of new car sales by 2050. Driving an electric vehicle is an excellent method to reduce carbon emissions on the road, significantly contributing to climate change.

Here are a few tips to make your purchase easier;

What Type of Battery Do You Need

You’ll need to choose a battery that corresponds with your daily commute. On average, every American commutes 20 miles. Fortunately, most electric vehicles can clock 150—300 miles, with advanced models managing 300-500, in ideal conditions.

Understand Available Car Incentives

The Federal government offers electric car buyers a $7,500 tax credit, an incentive available for plug-in hybrid vehicles. However, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 changed a few things.

For instance, vehicles built in multiple locations may not qualify— it limits the credit to clean energy vehicles whose final assembly was completed in North America. On the other hand, SUVs valued at $80,000 are not eligible for the incentive.

Before buying an electric vehicle, assess the available car incentives, whether federal, state, or local city.

Evaluate Its Charging Specifications

One of the main aspects to consider is whether your vehicle allows ‘rapid’ or ‘DC charging.’ Electric cars come with a maximum DC charging rate, whether 80 kW, 100 kW, 150 kW, or 350 kW. 

Generally, DC charging allows your vehicle to get an additional driving range into your car fast. For instance, a 20-minute charge can give you an extra 100-mile range. If you’re buying an electric vehicle for long interstate trips, consider buying one with a high DC charging rate.

Warranty on Battery

The battery of an electric vehicle is one of the most expensive elements. So, check the manufacturer’s specifications regarding driving distance and period of coverage.

Speak to an Experienced California Lemon Law Attorney

Owning an electric lemon car is a frustrating experience. You’re constantly playing a game of odds. If your valued electric vehicle has a defective battery, it can stall anytime, disrupting your travel or business plans.

That said, consider working with an attorney who will diligently preserve your interest as you pursue a refund or replacement.

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